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Proper disposal of aerosol cans

DCD MAC01 Model

A MacLean solution for the environment.

HazPak is a complete, turn-key system for the safe and proper disposal of aerosol cans and hazardous waste. The HazPak process uses an inert nitrogen technology that is exclusive to MacLean, and is considered Best Available Technology (BAT) in the industry.

Unlike the Carbon Capture process that only captures the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that gasses emit, HazPak captures gasses in their entirety, preparing them for waste-to-energy applications in a near-zero emissions environment.

The HazPak process provides an industry-leading “100% solution” for the recycling of cans and their components, while also raising the bar on safety, efficiency and throughput in aerosol recycling. At its standard capacity, a HazPak system recycles up to 9000 aerosol cans per hour. It can also process paints, handheld propane cylinders, shellacs and solvents.

MacLean Engineering and the environment: a match purpose-built for innovative, practical solutions.


The before image: a close up image of a large bin of empty aerosol cans lined with a large yellow plastic bag ready to go through the Hazpak system.
The After image: A close up of the aerosol cans after they have gone through the Hazpak system. It is a compact disk of metal several inches thick photographed coming out at the end of the Hazpak system.

 HAZPAK 6000
Capacity *
(Paint or Aerosol cans)
6.00 cu metres or 1900 kg/hr
Typical footprint (m)
18.3L x 7.4Wx6.4H
Weight (kg)
Voltage As specified
Kilowatts (Peak/Average) 82.5/43.72
Nitrogen required / hr (m3)
Hopper Capacity (m3) 1.0
Briquette Weight (kg) 29.0 - 56.0
Briquette Dimensions (mm) 203.2 x 203.2 x variable
Steel recovered / hr (kg) 560 - 640
Fluids recovered / hr (kg) 966
Liquid Gas recovered / hr (kg) 293

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Provectus logoAuthorized representative for the MacLean HazPak technology in the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC).

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