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An illustration of a Pickup Sweeper attachment for an MV, front view.

Pickup Sweeper

  • Hydraulic direct drive sweeper
  • MV’s adjustable and proportional hydraulics allow for infinite control over sweeper head rotation speed
  • Optional wet kit for dust control

  • Sidewalk sweeping
  • Roadside sweeping

  • MV as equipped
  • Sweeper wet kit (optional)
    -  Requires water tank

Sweeping Width 44”
Body Dimensions 58” wide x 43" high x 52" long
Brush Diameter 32”
Casters 3 swivel casters with tapered roller bearings, and HD solid pneumatic tires
Dump Bottom gate, hydraulic controlled
Drive Hydraulic drive with proportional hydraulic controls on the vehicle
Capacity Approximately 4 1/2 cubic feet
Approximate Weight 1400 lbs. (empty)

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