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An illustration of a Trip Edge Angle Plow attachment for an MV.

Angle Plows

  • Angle plows are equipped with dual hydraulic cylinders and cushion valve for improved control, safety, and comfort
  • Blade designs allow for safe operation around curbs, manhole covers, and uneven ground
  • Moldboard trip plow features adjustable tension spring arm that allows for safe installation and adjustability in trip action sensitivity
  • Trip edge plows feature heavy-duty compression springs and a split trip edge for increased performance
  • All angle plows are equipped with AR400 hardened cutting edges

  • Sidewalk Snow Plowing
  • Parking Lot Snow Clearing

  • MV as equipped

Style Moldboard Trip  Trip Edge  Trip Edge Trip Edge
Straight Width 60”  60”  72” 84”
Moldboard Height 28”   29"
Cutting Edge AR400  


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