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MacLean Engineering

Mine-Mate™ Series SL2.5 & SL3-Scissor Lifts

Close cut image of an SL2 Scissor Lift on a white background.

Underground multi-taskers.

The MacLean Advantage:

Designed to provide a safe work platform for installation of services in tunnel headings up to six meters (20 feet) high. The Mine-Mate™ SL2.5 & SL3 Scissor Lifts are fully equipped as standard for the multi-tasking required in today’s underground trackless mining environment.

  • A complete drift cover coverage from single setup
  • Long life power train using industry proven components
  • Clean burning, fuel-efficient engine minimizes harmful emissions
  • Low cost, dependable mine supply vehicle
  • Ease of maintenance with electronic engine diagnostics, accessible fuel filling and grease points
  • Superior traction due to four-wheel drive and powershift transmission

  • Proven heavy duty scissor lift mechanism
  • Hydraulic deck shifting forward or sideways
  • Four lift/leveling jacks
  • Air and water headers
  • Safety railings and interlocks  
  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Clean high powered, electronically controlled engines
  • Reliable, proven power train components
  • Four wheel drive, articulated steer carrier
  • Canopy and enclosed cab option

  • Best suited for installation of ventilation ducting, electrical reticulation, and piping for air and water services
  • Rehabilitation projects are conducted safely and efficiently from the level work deck, elevated to a comfortable work height

Length 7.68 m (303”)  7.98 m (314”)
Width 2.13 m (84”)  2.44 m (96”)
Height 2.46 m (97”)  2.49 m (98”)
Turning radius (inside) 5.46 m (215”)  5.56 m (219”)
Turning radius (outside) 7.87 m (310”)  8.31 m (327”)
Deck size 2.13 m x 3.05 m (7’ x 10’) 2.44 m x 3.66  m (8’ x 12’)
Deck capacity 2,720 kg (6,000 lbs) 2,720 kg (6,000 lbs)
Shipping weight 13,600 kg (30,000 lbs)  15,400 kg (34,000 lbs)

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