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Equipment Attachments

Equipment attachments

MacLean mining equipment attachments - extending hard rock innovation.

The MacLean Advantage:

Convenient and versatile, the MacLean Mine-Mate™ Series Attachments (Fan Handlers, Pipe Handler, Cable Reel Attachment, and Cable Pusher Attachments) are ready when you are. All Mine-Mate™ Series Attachments are powered by the SL3 hydraulic system with quick disconnects for easy on/off application to the platform. Each attachment is specifically designed to improve safety and productivity.


  • Multiple tools fit the standard SL3 Scissor Lift
  • Increases the utilization of the SL3 Scissor Lift
  • No requirement for LHDs or jumbos for services installation or maintenance
  • Capable of lifting fans or pipes from ground into position in one simple step
  • Adequate room to transport fans on the deck while tramming
  • Multi-axis movements allow fast and easy installation and positioning

  • Radio remote control allows operator to maintain good visibility and work at a safe distance when operating attachments
  • Multi-axis movement for ease of installation
  • Platform area suitable for two persons
  • Quick connect hydraulic and electrical connections for rapid and safe installation and removal
  • Interlock capability to ensure that safe areas are not compromised

  • With full 360 degree range of continuous motion, the Mine-Mate™ Fan Handler is ideal for fan-to-bulkhead installations
  • The Mine-Mate™ Pipe Handler has the maneuverability of a robotic arm with the capacity to lift paste-filled pipes
  • The Mine-Mate™ Service Drill is designed to drill and install hangers for piping, electrical and ventilation

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