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Gen-3 Scissor Bolter Feeds

Gen3 BolterClose-up of resin pusher, drill feed, and bolt handler on MacLean Series 900 Scissor Bolter in action at Norcat Underground Centre (Fecunis Mine), ON

The next chapter in MacLean ground support innovation

Modular design & polyurethane wear guide material deliver lower maintenance costs, resin pushing delivers faster cycle times, bolt handling removes operator from face for lower wall bolt installations

MacLean introduced its prototype Scissor Bolter in 1988. The concept of semi-mechanized bolting was to ensure operator safety while also delivering quality, speed and versatility of bolt installation. Almost three decades and 400 units later, the “MacLean” has become a ground support mainstay in Canadian mines. With the company’s geographic footprint expansion (Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Peru), the Maclean approach to bolting is now being exported to hard rock mining hubs worldwide, and continuous product improvement is taking place simultaneously.

Cue the next generation of Series 900 Scissor Bolter boom feeds, designed with modular components for ease of repair and polyurethane wear guides for enhanced durability. The new Scissor Bolter booms can also be equipped with resin pushing that delivers productivity improvements, and bolt handling capacity that keeps operators a minimum of three metres from the working face throughout the bolting cycle.

The Rig: MacLean Series 900 Scissor Bolter with modular design and high-durability wear guides, along with resin pushing and bolt handling capacity

The Mine: Norcat Underground Centre (Fecunis Mine), Onaping, ON

The Issue:

The need to continuously improve the efficiency of ground support installation, as well as keep operators away from unbolted faces.

The Solution:

MacLean’s engineering and product management teams collaborated to conceptualize, manufacture and mine-test a Series 900 Scissor Bolter boom constructed with polyurethane wear guide material along with effective resin pushing and bolt handling, innovations that improve cycle times and keep the operator on the deck, under supported ground and a minimum of 3 metres (10 feet) from an unbolted face, throughout the entire bolting cycle.

The Result
  • 25 to 40-minute time saving per round, assuming a range of 40-60 bolts per round (10-15% faster)
  • Additional time savings of 30 minutes per round (and safety performance improvement) from operator not having to dismount deck to install the two lower wall bolts on each round (10% faster)
  • Reduced lifecycle maintenance costs due to use of high-durability polyurethane wear guides.

The MacLean Advantage:

The MacLean Series 900 Bolters provide a complete ground support system for underground hard rock mines. The benefits of safety, productivity, versatility and quality of installation combine to provide the ideal tool for the mine development cycle and rehabilitation operations.

  • Self-propelled, high speed four wheel drive articulated carrier
  • Electric hydraulic control system with remote drive capability on-deck
  • Hydraulic positioning, rock drilling/bolting systems
  • Operating protocol prevents exposure to loose rock hazards
  • Multiple types of bolts can be installed (resin or cemented grout rebar, Split Set® and Swellex® bolts, mechanical anchor, friction bolts)
  • Long hole drilling capability
  • Proven heavy duty scissor lift mechanism
  • High capacity storage for bolting supplies
  • 2000 lbs ( 900 kg) deck payload capacity
  • Forward shifting hydraulic deck
  • All operations carried out from beneath supported ground
  • Physical effort and fatigue are minimized compared to traditional rock bolting methodsThe scissor bolter is designed for single person operation
  • Transverse feed enables drilling and bolting of a complete ring from a single set up
  • Single pass drilling allows for rapid installation of bolts
  • Versatility
  • Installation of screen or wire mesh
  • Long hole drilling for test holes or cable bolting
  • Rock bolt installation from invert to invert
  • Maximum back height of 6.57m (21.5ft) that can be reached by the stinger
  • Optimum back coverage of 6m (20ft)
  • Optimum wall coverage of 5m (16.5ft) wide heading from single setup
  • 1.32m transverse feed travel
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