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Winter scene image with a citizen walking down the middle a newly plowed park lane way lined with benches and trees. At right, an inset image of an MV vehicle used to plow municipal lane ways, sidewalks, etc. The MV is on a red transparent vertical bar with the wording Municipal above it.

Helping to keep communities accessible and pedestrian-friendly, year-round.

Municipal maintenance vehicles deserve the same attention to quality, durability, productivity, and operator ergonomics that the underground mining environment requires. Cue the MacLean Municipal Vehicle division, founded in 2008, now taking the signature MacLean MV product line to municipal customers across North America – anywhere where surface maintenance needs, and the extreme weather conditions that go with it, are critical to community vitality. With North America’s cleanest-burning diesel engine, the MacLean MV4.1 truly makes “red the new green” for municipalities.


Image of an MV4.1 with a Finishing mower attachment.
Image of an MV4 with a Finishing mower attachment.
An image of a map showing part of Canada and the United States.
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