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MacLean Engineering have a branch in Wangara, Western Australia and have been actively providing Sales, Service, Support solutions and to mining customers in the Australian & Asia Pacific Regions for the last ten years as a premier source for Mining Equipment in Australia. The MacLean product suite includes platform and utility bolters, shotcrete sprayers and transmixers in the ground support category; remote operated blockholer drills, mobile rock breakers and water cannons in the ore flow/secondary reduction category; and, Mine-MateTM scissor lifts, boom lifts, boom trucks, ANFO/emulsion chargers, personnel carriers, fuel/lube trucks, cassette trucks, fan and pipe handlers and service drills in the utility vehicles, attachments category and other advancements in Mining Equipment technology.




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To further strengthen its commitment to Australian Mining & Asia Pacific mining Industry, the company have invested in a 21,000 sq. ft facility into technology and services (METS) at Wangara Western Autrailias. This has been a major step in bolstering the operations and presence of MacLean Engineering in Australia’s METS sector. The facility is equipped with a parts warehouse, a service workshop, with several workstations set up for component repairs, a designated section for boom repairs, and exclusive bays for rebuild & equipment modifications, where full rebuilds, including the auditing process, teardown, quoting, rebuilding and testing phases are performed. The facility also has capabilities to upgrade or modify new equipment before delivering it to the mining site, for global mining major projects.



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Location Address

MacLean Engineering & Marketing Co. Limited. Australia

10 Bessemer Way,

Wangara WA

6065, Australia


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MacLean’s after sales support at its Wanagra facility is second to none. With a team of dedicated technical support engineers, a high-level of customer service, and inventory levels of around 2.2 million dollars, the company ensures that MacLean genuine parts stock levels are always maintained, and the customer requirement is always met, to keep the equipment up and running in the most critical mine developments. Customers, over their ownership experience of MacLean equipment, have always valued and appreciated the extent of support the company has provided- the reason why MacLean’s mining machinery is expanding its footprint in Australia and the Asia Pacific region underground mines.


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An efficient customer service, backed by flexibility of its operations and customized solutions for every customer/mine operations, has allowed MacLean to become leader as a Underground Mining Equipment Manufacturers in Australia and globally.


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