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The use of mobile, concrete mixers for sprayed concrete in underground mines requires reliable equipment to ensure the final product is of high quality and is applied in an efficient manner. The Mine-Mate™ TM2 & TM3 Transmixers are an integral part of the wet shotcrete process, providing high capacity, high speed transport of shotcrete/concrete in a fit-for-purpose package, another example of MacLean designing and manufacturing hard rock mining equipment built for life underground.


  • Reverse drum rotation allows for discharge without tilting the drum
  • External hydraulic actuator is operator friendly and reduces damage to door opening mechanism
  • Large oval charging port provides operator flexibility and convenience with setups
  • Axles and tires are sized for extreme load conditions
  • Clean burning, fuel-efficient engine minimizes harmful emissions
  • Low cost, dependable mine supply vehicle
  • Ease of maintenance with electronic engine diagnostics, accessible fuel filling and grease points
  • Superior traction due to four wheel drive and Powershift transmission

  • Up to 7.8 cubic yards (6.0 m3) concrete payload
  • Low profile drum
  • Drum tilt with 19” (0.5 m) vertical travel
  • Stabilizing / lift jacks
  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Auxiliary support systems
  • Clean high powered, electronically controlled engines
  • Reliable, proven power train components
  • Four wheel drive, articulated steer carrier
  • Canopy and enclosed cab option

  • Bulk transport of wet shotcrete/concrete for ground support or construction applications
  • Transportation between surface and underground levels via internal ramp network

Length 8.41 m (331”) 9.73 m (383”) 
Width 1.83 m (331”)  2.59 m (102”)
Height 2.29 m (90”)  2.54 m (100”)
Turning radius (inside) 5.02 m (165”)  5.66 m (223”)
Turning radius (outside) 7.21 m (235”)  8.51 m (335”)
Shipping weight 14,275 kg (31,460 lbs)  18,150 kg (40,000 lbs)

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