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Since 1973, MacLean Engineering has been designing mobile equipment that increases productivity, reduces costs and enhances operator safety in hard rock mining.

maclean 975 battery bolterIn 2015, we turned our product development attention towards designing a battery powered fleet that would respond to the mining industry’s growing need for cost containment through energy and mine design efficiencies, along with improving underground air quality for miners.

The MacLean approach to battery propulsion is built on giving our customers access to best-in-class battery, electric motor, onboard charging, and vehicle analytics technology, and then successfully integrating these components into mobile underground equipment by leveraging our multi-discipline engineering expertise, hard rock mining knowledge, and custom manufacturing experience. In other words, you can’t just understand the battery cycle, you need to understand the mining cycle in which it will be used.

This is how MacLean has developed battery power, engineered for life underground.

Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy:

When we set out to electrify the MacLean product lines in 2015, we identified a number of key requirements that would guide our design process:

  • System must be adaptable to all MacLean mobile equipment (new and retrofit) and all mine requirements
  • System must be compatible with existing power supply/voltage, and not require additional underground electrical infrastructure
  • System must be flexible to enable incorporation of emerging technology
  • System must deliver equivalent or better performance than diesel power configuration
  • System must be scalable to as to provide the ability to deliver site and application-specific solutions
  • System must deliver high degree of commonality across MacLean suite of underground mining vehicles

Product development result = battery propulsion technology engineered for life underground, and customized to the application

Key Features

Key Features:

We have sourced best-in-class EV technology and componentry from around the globe, and leveraged our multi-discipline engineering expertise and hard rock mining experience to successfully integrate them into the MacLean suite of ground support, ore flow, and utility vehicles:

Engineered integration of EV components (AltDrive System – MEDATech Engineering)

Best-in-class battery technology
  • Highest-density, longest-lasting chemistry - Lithium ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC)
  • 5 to 8 years expected lifecycle for mobile applications
  • Sourced from industrial battery manufacturer (Akasol) with 30 years of experience and long-term supply contracts with surface transportation companies

‘Smart’ Battery Management System
  • Self-regulating active liquid cooling and heating, for optimal performance and lifecycle
  • Data-rich, real-time vehicle monitoring


High efficiency, high torque electric drivetrain and motor control features (TM4)
  • Regenerative braking capability (approximately 25% energy re-coup going down-ramp)

High efficiency onboard chargers - 50 Kw/h (Bell)
  • 575V or 1000V compatible
  • Mines don’t require additional charge station infrastructure
  • Opportunity charging during duty cycle delivers continuous operation across full shift

Maximum fleet integration flexibility:
  • Available across MacLean suite of ground support, ore flow and utility vehicles
  • Available as complete capital unit or retrofit for pairing with current units
  • Rental option to allow for budget flexibility
  • Modular design scalable to suit specific operational requirements

This is not your parents’ industrial battery…(i.e. lead-acid)
  • No “battery memory” limitations
  • No significant heat generation
  • No off-gassing while charging



The transition to full or partial EV fleets opens up a range of benefits to mining companies looking for ways to mitigate rising energy costs, improve air quality, and economically access deeper ore bodies:

Worker Health:
  • Elimination of all diesel particulate matter (DPM) and all other emissions associated with diesel engines
  • Elimination of all air quality issues associated with dust generation and diesel exhaust porting
  • Elimination of engine noise, vibration and heat associated with diesel engines

Cost savings:
  • Overall reduction of ventilation required to match diesel horse power ratings underground
  • Overall reduction of energy required to condition ventilation air
  • Overall reduction of parts per unit and resulting spare part stocking expense
  • Elimination of diesel engine servicing and scheduled maintenance
  • Elimination of diesel fuel costs – purchase, transportation to minesite, underground distribution, and surface storage

  • Elimination of potential ignition source generally associated with diesel exhaust systems and wrapping or shielding

  • Potential to reduce site-level GHG footprint
  • Contingency against electricity grid transmission stability (i.e. brown-outs when peak load exceeded)
  • Performance not impacted by altitude (battery propulsion does not require de-rating)


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