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Minimize your ecological footprint with the MacLean HazPak

Minimize your ecological footprint with the MacLean HazPak

Can you think of how many aerosol cans you purchase each year? Air fresheners, shaving cream, sunscreen, and cooking spray are just a few from the long list of aerosol cans that can be found in homes today. In Canada, the US, and Western Europe, the average person purchases 10 aerosol cans every year. Multiply this with each areas population, and you have hundreds of millions of aerosol cans.

So where do these cans end up?

With knowledge of recycling greatly improving over the last 20 years, environmental agencies all over the globe have been implementing new regulations for everyone to follow. One section of these new laws includes hazardous waste, and more specifically - aerosol cans. Because these cans contain gases under extreme pressure, they pose a risk of explosion when exposed to certain elements. With landfills becoming less of an option, and metal shredders falling victim to explosions, aerosol cans need a safe and effective way of being recycled.

Introducing the MacLean HazPak system - a recycling option for aerosol and paint cans. While other machines are only single can disposal or release gases to the atmosphere, the HazPak can recycle thousands of cans per hour and captures the remaining liquids/propellants in all the cans. At the end of the machine’s cycle, three recycling streams remain: dense metal bricks (the cans), liquefied petroleum gas (propellant), and low-grade liquid fuel (product).

The MacLean HazPak has been installed in areas around the world including Germany, the UK and the US, and we will finally have one right in our backyard. Peterborough, in Southern Ontario, is the newest city to be receiving the MacLean aerosol recycling machine and installation is nearing completion. Our team has paired up with Buckham Transport, who will operate the HazPak, and has lined up several organizations to collect their “waste” aerosol cans, including all camping-sized propane tanks from each Ontario Provincial Park.

The HazPak system is scheduled to be completed this summer and will be available for viewing. We’re just getting started with our HazPak system growth and are excited to see how far the technology will go.

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