PC3 Personnel Carrier

Where time is at a premium and travel distances long, the rugged Mine-Mate™ PC3 Personnel Carrier provides a comfortable, rapid transportation system for passengers and material from work places in underground trackless mines.

The MacLean Advantage:

  • Fast, efficient and safe personnel transportation system
  • Secure, comfortable ride from standard chassis suspension
  • Dual-purpose vehicle for passengers and/or materials
  • Long life power train using proven components
  • Ease of maintenance with electronic engine diagnostics, accessible fuel filling and grease points
  • Clean burning, fuel-efficient engine minimizes harmful emissions
  • Superior traction due to four wheel drive and powershift transmission


  • Available in 14-22 passenger configurations
  • Adaptable as auxiliary transport vehicle
  • Unique suspension system
  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Reliable, proven power train components
  • High-powered, electronically controlled engine
  • Four wheel drive carrier
  • Canopy and enclosed cab option


  • Trackless mines where large crews travel long distances to work places from shaft stations
  • Surface to multi-level destinations via mine ramp systems