5-Way Folding V Plow

Available for select Kubota® RTV 900, 1100, 1140 models

Popular among contractors, this plow is utilized for sidewalk, street, parking lot, and driveway snow clearing operations. Unlike other plows, the Kanlan Folding V Plow makes use of the RTV’s internal hydraulic system and does not require an additional power pack. This plow conveniently features trip-edge blades to ensure smooth and safe operation.


  • Dual rib heavy-duty construction
  • Designed to allow safe working around curbs and sewer covers
  • Trip edge style blades
  • 2 cylinder design allows for independent wing operation
  • 30° wing movement
  • Utilizes integral RTV hydraulics
  • Replaceable hardened cutting edges
  • Kanlan Quick Attach system (3 pins to mount blade)


  • Width (Straight): 72"
  • Width (Folded V): 63"
  • Approximate weight: 315 lbs


  • Kanlan Front Mount Adaptor
  • Kanlan Front Lift Mount
  • Kanlan Hydraulic Kit

Available for:

  • Kubota® RTV 900 (not available for General Purpose model)
  • Kubota® RTV 1100
  • Kubota® RTV 1140

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